Fotos del Convención de la Industria de citas de Internet que tuvo lugar el El 19 y 20 de Enero, 2005 en Miami. Esta fue la reunión de ejecutivos de contactos online más grande de la historia. Sobre 300 ejecutivos de contactos por internet y creación de redes sociales, firmas de marketing / publicidad, administradores afiliados, procesadores de pago, compañías de investigación de antecedentes, afiliados y webmasters del portal de contactos relacionado con los sitios web presentes.

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The Audience

The Lobby

The Exhibit Hall

Meir Strahlberg
(CEO or
Keynote Speaker

Joshua Power Stevens
(General Manager of Online Personals at AOL/

Spark Networks
(Formerly Matchnet PLC)
Dating Industry Sponsor

Samuel Kim
(Chief Manager of Korea Data House)

Paul Nute
(Principal & Executive Vice Ppresident of Soho Digital)


Gold Sponsor

Mark Brooks
(Publisher of Online Personals Watch)

Dating Rev
Silver Sponsor

Cocktail Reception

Standing Room Only for one of the Workshops

Metrics Direct
Bronze Sponsor

Michael Jones
(President of Userplane)


Dr. Bonny Brown
(Director of Research and Public Services at Keynote)

Silkroad Technologies

Manuel Delgado
(CEO of One Real World)

Safe Date

Exhibit Hall

Sponsored by Singles Click

Scott Butler
(CEO of Boehm-Ritter)

Kevin Lee
(CEO of

Cocktail Reception

Duo Cash


Dave Coy
(CEO of Look Better Online)

Internet Station
Sponsored by Intelius

Making Plans for the Day

Bill Tancer
(VP of Research at Hitwise)

Connections Made Networks

Jet Pay

Louis Kanganis
(Vice President of Corporate Development at Spring Street Networks)


The Audience

2000 Charge

Brad Hogg
(CEO of Vintacom Media Group)

Fuji Film Software

Cocktail Reception

Final Executive Panel Session

Mike Sinco
(Director of Premium Services at Comscore/Media Metrics)

Enchance Interactive

Standing Room Only for one of the sessions

Cocktail Reception

Shireen Jiwan
(Senior Account Planner at Bartle Bogle Hagerty)

Vendare Group

Joshua Power Stevens
(General Manager of Online Personals at AOL/


Meir Strahlberg
(CEO of

The Exhibit Hall

Chris Bradley
(Vice President Marketing at Trufina)

My Global Cam

Alex Panelli
(CEO of Trilibis)




John LaRosa
(CEO of Market Data Enterprises)

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

Julian Avram
(Software Developer at Dating Rev)

Matra (Cocktail Reception Band)

If you've never been to our events before, you will learn a lot about this industry while at the same time make a lot of friends in the business. We trust that you will find this event exciting, fun and a great learning experience. I hope to see you at our next event!

Marc Lesnick
The Conference Organizer

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